Production of a new paint booth along with paint supply and flash-off area as well as two spray stands. The reconstruction of the current 2K-unit for the use in Ex zone is included.
Basic information:
  • Paint booth has been designed as classic sandwich panel construction
  • Includes spray stands for manual coating with flash-off area as well as separate material supply
  • Additional area for potential powder coating
  • PLC control (Siemens S7-1200) of the plant functions with colour touch screen
  • Energy efficiency functions:
    o    Heating via an efficient gas burner
    o    Conduction of the exhaust air via heat exchanger (energy saving via heat retroactive effect)
    o    Power-save circuit (reduction of the supply air and exhaust air during breaks between coating)
  • No additional handles needed by coupling the energy-saving circuit with the application technology
  • Coating via low pressure-2K-electrostatic paint in a manual process
  • Retrofitting of the Detronic Mix 2K-control to Ex-Zone-2-compliant pressurised enclosure
  • Storage of the spray gun in an automatic gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard Evo (2K-control can automatically push through fresh material on expiry of the pot life)
  • Material supply by double diaphragm pumps of the type DETE Twin20 Abrasive


Upgrade of the consisting spray booth for big electric motors with a 2K-unit, inclusive manual coating for water-based paints with colour supply and special colours.
Basic information
  • Application by a manual spray gun with automatic feed of the mixed 2K paint
  • Appropriate paint supply via piston pumps, drip trays and agitators for 30kg-hobbocks
  • Affiliation of the new acquisition with the current spray booth with spray wall and flash-off zone
  • DETE Detronic Mixing 2K-unit for the application of solvent paint systems on electric motors with up to 1.5m diameter, has already been in use for a long time
  • Assembly of the new DETE Detronic Mix Advance 2K-control for automatic dosage and mixing of the paints (based on Siemens S7-1200 SPS with 16:9 colour-touchscreen)
  • Evaluation of paint data is possible via front-USB or batch data export (close monitoring of the paint consumption for each painted motor)
  • Two Siemens coriolis mass flow meters perform the measurement of the two material flows of the base component and the hardener
  • Classical piston pump of the type MX32 (strain) and DX30 (hardener and base component) provide the needed material feed
  • Coating with a Binks AA4400M manual spray gun in two-shift operation


Energy-efficient fully automatic paint shop with pretreatment, manual 2K priming and topcoat and subsequent long-term hardening for pipeline actuator parts
Basic information
  • Fully automatic continuous paint shop with cycle operation
  • Power&Free conveyor system for items to be painted
  • Manual 2K-paint with dry separation
  • Scanner-based process data transfer with automatic routing for items to be painted
  • 7-Zone pass cleaning plant with downstream exhaust tunnel for retained water
  • Automatic deposit of the items to be painted in the cure storage
  • Automatic loading of the finished products
  • High energy-efficient due to thermal wheel and several heat exchangers
  • Double strand cooling zone
  • Electronic 2K- dosage- and mixing unit DETRONIC MIX for a primer and four top coats
  • Application via DETE BM250-spray guns in assisted airless process
  • Pot life control with automatic feeding function in order to save solvents
  • Gun control via gun flush boxes of the type DETE GunGuard
  • Colour change possible at the push of a button, optionally also without intermediate flushing


Installation of a cost-effective paint shop with manual application technology for big hangers with steel parts (6m*3m*1,5m), including a pre-treatment installation on a specified surface.
Basic information
  • Putting the items to be painted on the Power&Free overhead conveyor
  • Locking through an automatic 3-zones-pretreatment installation (degreasing, iron phosphating, washing)
  • Cleaning the items to be painted from water residues via an adhesion water dryer
  • Manually applied primer in the first booth
  • Hangers go in the primer kiln and run through a short cooling zone, before getting into a booth for manual topcoats
  • Permanently installed work platforms in both booths
  • Steel parts run through a downstream flash-off zone as well as another dryer before getting a top coating in a buffer in front of the infeed station/ offtake station
  • The paintwork is done manually in assisted airless process
  • Electronic control and regulation of dosage and mixture of the base components and hardener components (four basic inks) via an electronic 2K-unit of the type DETE Detronic Mix
  • Colour change and flushing of the unit at the touch of a button
  • Use of classic high-pressure piston pumps of the type DETE MX32


Delivery of the complete coating technology (paint supply, 2K-unit, guns) for a flat spraying machine for plastic parts from the automotive- or consumer electronics sector
Basic information
  • Installation of a DETE Detronic Mix 2K-unit for managing the recipe administration as well as dosage and mixture of the 2-component paints (two basic inks)
  • Use of coriolis mass flow meters for base and hardener (guarantees ideal rinsing capability)
  • Low-pressure material pressure regulator in both strands enable the adjustment of the exact material pressure
  • Electronical monitoring of pot life and mixing ratio (high precision and constant mixing quality)
  • Use of DETE UVfix08-bellows pumps (high endurance, pistons of aluminium oxide, maintenance-friendly)
  • Use of the bellows pumps over longer conveyor lines (transmission ratio 8:1)
  • Paint application made via up to 8 AGMD Pro low-pressure automatic guns for the maximum surface quality


Delivery of the complete coating technology (paint booths, paint supply, 2K-units, manual guns) for the manual coating of large bearings for wind turbines

Basic information

  • Installation of a group of six separate DETE Detronic Mix 2K- or 3K-units in total (greatest possible time flexibility during coating procedures)
  • Use of different flow meter types (classical cog-wheel flow meters to coriolis-mass flow meters)
  • Due to the high material pressures caused by the airless application procedure, DETE HX48- or Trumpf 47:1-piston pumps are used (high pressure transmission ratio and high conveyor capacity)
  • Material application by up to six DETE GM500-airless guns (easy maintenance, high application amount/m²)
  • Prevention of the hardening of coatings in single guns by equipping each GM500 with a gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard


Delivery of a complete coating technology for the manual low-pressure water-based coating of big steel parts including paint supply, 2K-unit and electrostatic manual gun
Basic information
  • Delivery of a 2K-unit of the type DETE Detronic Mix for 3 hardeners and 5 colours
  • Equipping the 2K-unit with a gun flush box of the type DETE GunGuard (for automatic filling, feeding and flushing of the spray gun)
  • Measurement of the volume flows via cog-wheel flow meters
  • 2K-unit supplies an electrostatic manual gun of the type Ransburg Vector with external high-voltage generator (Coating of the parts due to the electrostatic principle and the favourable part geometry with a high application efficiency possible)
  • Several DETE Twin20 diaphragm pumps
  • Materials handling from pressure vessels (hardeners) and unpressurized vessels (base component) to the mixing unit of the 2K-unit
  • Equipment of the pumps with pressure increase units (material pressure up to 9 bar)
  • Completely electrically insulated and specially secured structure of paint supply due to high conductivity of the E-static-water-based paint
  • Additional equipment of the paint containers with pneumatic agitators on barrel lids (can be lifted off from the original container via pneumatic lid lifting devices, which facilitates the container exchange


A solution should be found to deliver a defined amount of lubricants automatically to a connected unit
Basic information
  • Delivery of three compact units which can be connected with hoses to the delivery points of lubricants
  • A unit consists of a stainless steel container with continuously working, electronic filling level control as a pneumatic agitator (preventing the settling of the lubricant) conveyance of the medium via a DETE double diaphragm pump, fixed on the material container
  • Fluid valve to regulate the material flow to the delivery point is pneumatically operated and is low-wear and corrosion resistant
  • The core of every unit is the stainless-steel dosing cylinder (specially developed for this application)
  • Dosing cylinder supplies the defined quantity of lubricant on demand and automatically refills itself with fresh material directly during dispensing (no separate filling process necessary)


A complete paint supply system with the associated manual application technology was designed and supplied to a new paint shop for large plastic parts in the automotive sector
Basic information
  • Delivery of 35 35 stainless steel(4 pressure tanks, the double tank groups with double filter groups - the double tank assemblies with double filter assemblies
  • Equipment with low-wear DETE UVfix08 bellows pumps and corresponding material pressure regulators
  • 2 electronic 2K units type DETE Detronic Mix (for manual low pressure application)
  • Equipping the pumps for the double tank groups with double filter groups (no pauses during filter exchange)
  • 2K-units (equipped with gun flush boxes of the type DETE GunGuard) monitor and control the exact colour mixture
  • Mixed material cannot harden in the system due to gun flush boxes
  • 2K control enables independent filling with freshly mixed material when the gun is inserted in the GunGuard


Installation of a release agent supply system with delivery of a low-pressure separating agent supply with an extensive pipeline network and many individual pick-up points - of a low-pressure release agent supply with an extensive pipeline network and many individual delivery points for the production of interior parts at a renowned aircraft manufacturer
Basic information
  • Installation of a low-pressure separating agent supply with an extensive pipeline network and many individual pick-up points
  • Material delivery by low ratio piston pumps directly out of the 200l drums
  • Constant material pressure due to low pressure material pressure regulator
  • Equipment of all drums with filling level probes ((no dry-running of the containers)
  • Installation of hose reels at the delivery points
  • Release agent is optimally injected into the moulds by robust airless guns (with corresponding lance attachments)


Construction of furnaces for a wide range of applications, such as tempering metal parts, baking paints or curing GRP components
Basic information (depending on the application, the design varies)
  • Supply of continuous- or chamber furnaces (with or without conveyor technology)
  • Horizontal or vertical transport systems (for the transport of hanging or lying parts in the furnace)
  • Possible multi-zone temperature control with different dwell times in the respective zones
  • Installation of furnaces in Europe, Asia and the USA


Installation of a central high-pressure water based paint supply system with PLC-controlled level and agitator control, circulation and tap lines, as well as three Detronic Mix Advance 2K units, each with four delivery points for manual painting
Basic information
  • Automatic level control of supply and intermediate containers for uninterrupted painting operations
  • Comfortable, customer-specific plant control via Siemens PLC (fill level visualization and agitator control with spray and circulation switchover)
  • Thermally insulated subsurface piping with WHG-compliant leakage monitoring system
  • Circulation and tap lines designed for 350bar
  • Detronic Mix Advance 2K units with leak check before starting to paint
  • Parallel working of up to 8 painters in 3-shift operation possible
  • OPC UA connection of the 2K units to the Siemens network in order to be able to read consumption data directly from the 2K controls
  • Frequency-controlled, highly efficient electric agitators with individual interval switching for optimum coating conditioning
  • IBC lid lifters of the DeLift series with integrated inclined position of the containers for optimum residual emptying


Customized special version of a DeLift 500 lid lifter with swivel function, directly mounted on a stainless-steel forklift accessible drip tray for changing operation sites
Basic information
  • Complete paint supply station, - up- and downstream lines, controllable via pneumatic DETE material pressure regulators, 3:1 double diaphragm pump type Twin315, minimum monitoring and pneumatic high-efficiency agitator
  • Swivel function enables quick change of the container
  • Selector lever for swivelling or coating mode; in coating mode, the rotary plate is pneumatically locked; during swivelling, all pneumatic functions are switched off (pump, agitator, etc.)


Mobile version of a DeLift 500 lid lifter in customized design
Basic information
  • Base equipped with removable drip tray, comfortable handlebars as well as swivel castors with double stops
  • Lid lifter customizable according to individual requirements, e.g. with diaphragm or piston pump, mount for spray gun and hose package, material pressure regulator, etc.
  • Design with suction device or gravity feed container
  • Other customizations on request


Supply of an explosion-proof dosing station for two different clear coats and one hardener; simultaneous but physically separate dosage into containers up to approx. 1l
Basic information
  • Volumetric dosage via cog-wheel flow meters
  • Dosing station adjustable in many degrees of freedom
  • Drip pan, removable for easy cleaning
  • All parts in contact with the material are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Basis of the dosing station is a Detronic Mix Advance 2K system with remote, explosion-proof touch screen
  • Filling process is started and stopped pneumatically


A mobile solution should be found for transferring paints from larger into smaller containers and filtering them at the same time
Basic information
  • Bulky material filter with stainless steel candle filter
  • Integrated Twin20 transfer pump
  • Filling hose with shut-off ball valve
  • Entire unit mounted on hand cart with integrated collection tray


Customized solutions to make 1K coating changes or flushing processes as comfortable as possible and to control material pressures
Basic information
  • Explosion-proof design in individually manufactured housing
  • Modularly expandable colour change blocks enable fast changeover or comfortable flushing of 1K coatings
  • Peripheral devices such as respirators can be supplied with fresh air via the control system
  • Upstream pressure control possible via integrated material pressure regulator


Excerpt from our range of delivered customized containers
Basic information
  • Container size application-specific
  • Stainless steel polished or pickled
  • Unpressurized or pressurized
  • Bolted lid with sealing ring, 1/3 hinged or loose fitting
  • Lid designs application-specific
  • With or without filler neck
  • Outlet spigot at bottom or with riser tube
  • Flange drilling for agitators
  • Screw-in socket for level probes
  • Inclined bottom, dished bottom or simple flat bottom
  • Double-walled for heating/cooling or single-walled


Examples of supply/exhaust air systems for painting very large parts/machines
Basic information
  • Customized design of supply and exhaust air capacity
  • Supply air heating possible
  • Heat recovery e.g. via thermal wheel


Easy way to monitor the fill levels of up to two containers independently of each other (minimum monitoring)
Basic information
  • Compact control cabinet for the connection of up to two intrinsically safe minimum probes (vibrating fork)
  • Opto-acoustic warning when the minimum level is reached
  • Snooze function for the minimum warning


Compact and application-specific solution for the safe operation of an electric agitator
Basic information
  • Switch cabinet with integrated main switch
  • On/off button for starting/stopping the agitator
  • Optionally with speed control
  • Optionally with timer for interval operation
  • Connection of a safety limit switch possible (e.g. for operation of an agitator on a DeLift lid lifting device), which automatically switches off the agitator; automatic restart is not possible, the agitator must be actively started by pressing the on/off switch


Development and delivery of a PLC-based colour change control system of the type DETE PaintControl with integrated level monitoring for 1K coatings

Basic information

  • Up to four colour change blocks can be controlled in parallel
  • Real-time fill level monitoring with function for manual transfer of fresh paint into the intermediate container
  • Time-controlled filling and flushing programs can be defined
  • Integration of an explosion-proof key remote control per colour change block possible
  • Automatic filling and flushing possible when connecting up to two gun flushing boxes (DETE GunGuard Evo) per colour change block
  • Individual adaptations on request


Development and delivery of a closed, mobile painting station with integrated high-pressure piston pump and further detailed solutions
Basic information
  • Mobile station with swivel castors with double stop, electrically conductive
  • Enclosed on all sides with integrated collection tray, wide side can be opened double-winged
  • Compressed air quick-connect with integrated pump air and spray air regulator for up to two manual spray guns
  • Grounding cable reel with 5m grounding cable
  • Storage facility for up to two hobbocks, secured against slipping
  • Hose reel for hose packages
  • Recesses in the doors for the hose packages, so that operation is possible with closed housing


Stationary unit for comfortable transfer of coatings with simultaneous filtration
Basic information
  • Filling tubes with dairy pipe clamping rings for tool-free installation
  • Two large-volume stainless steel filter housings with filter cartridges
  • Powerful double diaphragm feed pumps
  • All components installed on a collection tray